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Let's Talk About: Nightcore
So vlogging has always kind of interested me but I never really had any ideas for how to go about what I wanted to do. I'm a discussion kinda guy, so I settled on finding things that I can speak about in length with the hope that discussions are fuelled in the comments. And this has so far been a massive success in that respect. So every month or so I will be doing one of these if I have something to discuss. It won't be all negative either. I'll find some things to praise and chat about generally too. This is the first stage of new content that will be available on my channel coming towards next year. I'll be rebranding again in November with new artwork, a logo and launching some "official" Dysergy stuff to buy online - with Patrons being sent that stuff via post for free depending on how much has been pledged in the past. Looking forward to it, so throughout the coming months you'll see things change! But musically everything will still be the same.
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