Let's talk about lucid dreaming.
I love to dream. To be honest, who doesn't? And I would like to say I have mastered my dreams and get at least 2 dreams every night. Since you found this page, I will reward you with a few of my weirdest dream stories, if you donate 1$ or more! 

Anyway, my tips on how to remember your dreams? Everyone has said this if you have read anything about remembering dreams, but I will say it again - keep a dream journal. I use a pretty simple notebook I have found at my local book store and I keep it on my nightstand. As soon as I wake up, I don't even sit up, I just grab the notebook and start writing! It helps your brain get used to remembering your dreams and after a few times, you should start dreaming regularly. Just don't forget to write down what happens! 

Lucid dreaming is something everybody wants to achieve and it's not easy. I only had it happen to me completely about 2 times now (and it was strangely always about Misha Collins). I noticed it's all a dream because there were weird things around me, for example: meerkats in Croatia or a swimming pool instead of a mall. But it's easy to get too excited when you get to the lucid stage and it makes everything start fading away. What to do then? Try rubbing your hands together. It's strange how real it feels, but it works, you'll be back in control of your dreams. 

I hope you found the video entertaining and if you want a print of the drawing, donate 10$ and I will send it to you!