Let's talk Ebooks for a moment.

So, I'm truly thinking of stepping out of my normal zone here as I roll around the idea of putting together my first ever EBook! (Talk about exciting and intimidating at the same time! LOL!) The premise for this EBook comes from my many years of photography gigs as well as the many workshops that I've hosted. One thing that people have seemed to always enjoy is my behind the scenes images where people can see exactly how & where I was to get the shots done. 

With that excitement in mind (and with the encouragement of my many loyal fans ... you know who y'all are!), I've been playing with the format of this EBook and here's one question I have for you guys ... If you were to purchase a downloadable instructional EBook for a modest fee (like perhaps $10-15) how many pages would you expect to see? 20? 50? ---more? 

Or, to take it one step further, what would be preferable? A smaller $10-15 download of a quick read, or a larger 75-100 page book in the $30-40 range that you really can sink your teeth into? I'm struggling with this because I know that for me personally, I love a quick throe-it-at-me read, but then again I also love a larger book that gets way down into the details through lots and lots of pages! 

Hmmmmmm .... what to do .. what to do .... 

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear em!!

(Click on the link for your own downloadable example of what one of the pages might look like ..)