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Wecome Food Warriors!

This has been a huge week. The Food Warriors Podcast launched last Friday, the 13th of January. You can check out the show on iTunes

Here is the link to the show on iTunes: 

I'm requesting as little as one minute of your time today to help boost the visibility of the show. As subscriptions and leaving ratings & reviews are the highest form of currency on the iTunes platform, your subscription and reveiw are as good as gold here! So check it out...

1. Subscribe to the show from your iTunes page

investment = 1 minute 

value = 1000 hugs to me 

2.  Listen to a show!

investment = 15 - 45 minutes

value = infinite hugs: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

3. Leave a rating & a review for Food Warriors 

investment = 1+ minutes 

value = 1000 HUGS (!) from me 

Leaving a rating & review for each show you listen to will be the equivalent of financially backing the show because:

(1). Your feedback is mega mucho important to me and 

(2). Leaving it there helps boost the show's presence on iTunes. So anything about the show from format and sound quality to themes you'd like to hear be featured...this feedback is a treasure to me and will help me create the show you want to hear.

More soon!

the Foodie Alchemist