I guess some of you already wondered why temp.hashes.org went back down this night and has not come online back again. 

In the last days, it became somewhat clear, that something is not right with the server. During the import of the data entries into Cassandra, again some of the new sstables were suddenly corrupt again. As the storage devices didn't show anything suspicious on their SMART status, the idea came up that it might be a RAM issue. A short memtest showed definitely some erroreous behavior. 

As a consequence, after I contacted the provider, they exchanged the whole server (in order to make sure that there would not be inconsistencies with the installed system. Extended diagnosis would have taken a reasonable amount of time which would've delayed me in setting up again). So, I now have to setup the server again, same as I did last week. I should be able to bring back temp.hashes.org within the next days, recovering again from the backup I have.

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