Letter #4.5
“I told you God’s not through with you," he said his wife told him. 

Good morning. My name according to the knowledge of man is Rextopher Tillerson. This is how it was passed down to my mother and father by the lord God in the times before I came. Many people do not believe that Rex is short for anything, but it is short for Rextopher. 

I am a good man and I do good work for God and the United States of America and also sometimes the Exxon Mobile corporation. That, however, is not an anymore thing. For the present we will work outside the auspices of the petroleum extraction and refinement industries. We are very pleased with our new job. We did not want the job and do not enjoy the job but we are nonetheless pleased that we have been chosen as humble instruments of the Deity to bring about His will on Earth. 

What is my job? I am but an emissary, a man who carries peace in his pocket like daffodils. We did not want the job and do not enjoy the job but we will do what we can to help how we can. Perhaps when I am gone the Lord will speak through another to do his will in this capacity. Perhaps, like me, it will be another modest oilman. 

People are confused and wonder why I want a job I do not want. I tell them it is the will of the glowing Demiurge who prophets label the Christian “God.” I do no longer serve the interests of the petroleum extraction and refinement industries, however. It is time for that hand of destiny to settle on the shoulder of another humble pilgrim. I believed my time was near, that the Lord was near close to sending his icy reaper to claim my pinch of salt. But I have been revealed as the one who will fulfill the prophecies. I do not relish the responsibility although I accept that I am the one man who can carry the scrolls through the crucible of blackness. It is a solemn responsibility. I am very responsible. I am a good man. 

I am tired often. I sleep poorly. I sleep naked on the cast iron grating of my cell. In the summer I burn and in the winter I freeze but I am fresh. Now I travel in my plane across the globe. My cell is hoisted into the back of a customized jet. I retreat for rest and ablution. Once I served Exxon Mobile and in that capacity I enacted the will of the Lord. I fought the good fight for the United States of America, as I still do. I am a shepherd of men and captain of industry, but only because I emerge new into the blinking heat of the noonday sun each day, scoured of human frailty and consumed by holy fire. 

It is written that the petroleum extraction and refinement industries are harmful. This is specious. God is not a creature of mercy but a creature of fire. It is our job as men to wrest holy fire from the bowels of the Earth to burn and purify the skies and water. Perhaps in another lifetime another man such as me might rise up to serve the word of God in the fire councils. Perhaps in another lifetime another man such as me might rise up to serve the word of God by destroying the fire councils and shattering the stone tablets that bind them. It is not mine to know the will of God. I simply hear his words and his wishes flow through me like water through a glistening beaten copper sieve. 

To be an American Son of God is to embrace the mantle of True Conservatism. We work across borders to strengthen the bonds of True Love and Peace that join True Men of Destiny. We did not want the job and do not enjoy the job but I will nonetheless work assiduously to transform the cities and nations of the Earth to suit the wishes of my Creator. He is not your Creator. You are the servants of the fire god – but I am the master of the fire god.

I slide my gilded words through the heart of the world like a spear of faith through to the soft heart of truth. Although I now work outside the auspices of the petroleum extraction and refinement industries, I still remember the most important lesson every oilman learns the first day on the job: it is the responsibility of the oilman to speak in the thunder and howl through the storm, to walk in the earthquake and fly in the hurricane. I am the snake and the mongoose. 

There is only one truth, and that truth is fire and blood. In the beginning of creation the Earth was formed in conflagration as primal fire melted into elemental blood which then caught flame and burned for a time in demoniacal chaos before once again melting and burning, forever and over again. Exxon Mobile serves the will of the fire god who stokes the flame at the center of the earth. He maintains the hidden flame of life that still carries the echo of violent genesis from the Onset of All Things, a message from the chaos of the Before Time that will resound to die finally in the grasping entropy of the After Time. We live as a sound wave, an echo of fire and blood in the heart of the universe. I will cut the soft tissue and ligamenture of the cosmos, pull forth the bone and crack the marrow. I live and I die in the blink of an eye but in my blood burns the fire of creation. 

We fight the entropy at the end of all things. Is that not the will of God, to burn the earth and free the fire god, thereby ushering in the Final Reckoning? This is the truth I have known. This is why the United States makes common cause with all countries who seek strength through the fire god. I seek no profit. I work only for the benefit of man, to bring us closer to immortality through cleansing fire. I scour my body with wire brushes in order to understand: I am but a pilgrim. 

I am a man of destiny.