Letter from Capt. Jac to David + Cheese Review

(Click on the link to  download the Review)

Dated June 3, 1890

Mon cher David,

I would love to try a cheese from Jamaica! Right now Le

Papier has sent me quite a few cheeses to try – it is fantastic! But… ugh. I am

so embarrassed. They said they wanted photos with the reviews, and I assured

them that I could take good ones. They liked the first article, but they hated

the photos. And now… they are sending a photographer.

I cannot tell you how much I hate this idea. He will poke

into everything, I just know it, and you know I cannot afford to let that

happen. Undoubtedly it will be some young dandy that’s never been in an airship

before, gawking at everything and getting underfoot, lugging his camera box

around. Ooof.

At any rate, he is supposed to arrive next week. Because I

signed a contract with the paper I have to bring him on board, but I am not

pleased. I’ll send an update once he arrives.

I’ve enclosed my most recent article. I hope you enjoy it.

All my love,


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