A Letter from Cellar Door Music Group's Founder/Creative Director
As some may know, my family and I recently made the move the Phoenix, AZ at the end of December. We are temporarily scheduled to be in this sunny state until September, and although I don't miss the freezing Oklahoma temperatures, I undoubtedly miss our Oklahoma music scene with a passion!

I have made it my mission for the last three years to uplift, highlight, and enhance Oklahoma's independent music scene in any way possible. Cellar Door Music Group has worn many hats: we have created and sponsored grassroots music events, booked stages and provided production for local music festivals and venues, offered design and promotional work for artists, venues and events, and have curated a music blog and podcast weekly for readers and listeners. Our resilient blog editor, Evan Jarvicks, has gone above and beyond to drive our company forward as my friend and partner; his dedication has been stronger than ever with my absence.

With that said, 2018 has brought us may opportunities to be further involved in our local music scene, parlayed with some additional challenges. As I am not living and networking within our state this year, Cellar Door Music Group is having to rely more than ever on sponsorships and private financial backing. It humbles my heart to say that we won't be able to continue our 2018 work and efforts without extra support.

Thus, we are putting out a call to our friends, neighbors, and community partners to help us continue our work. As we strive to be advocates for local musicians, we never charge artists for blog coverage or podcast features. We need your help to shine a spotlight on these hardworking, talented, amazing artists. (Yes, writing this from a different city reminds me what true music gems we have!) Live, local, original music is crucial in keeping our city unique and creative; it is also an integral piece to a flourishing economy.

It is my goal to see Cellar Door Music Group serve our Oklahoma music community for years to come--yet, we need the support of our community to make that happen. Find out more through our Patreon page on how you can contribute, or visit our website: cellardoormusicgroup.com

Sending care from my corner of the world to yours,

Jennifer Easley-Maynord

Founder & Creative Director

Cellar Door Music Group

[email protected]