A letter to our government
Care free living in a first world country with a government pulling strings like its a third world country, that's not a dig at our parliament but an election is pointless if we are electing promises set to be broken by politicians that need no incentive to raise their pay why making the working class beg for theirs See when the leaders of our country say live within our means they certainly don't mean within their own rather for us to live within means they haven't seen, so for me to live within my means is a box on the corner of their penthouse suites while holding banner after banner out the front of their mansion asking what do you mean "Within our means" could only mean to live without pushing boundaries, like those set by those same politicians regarding gender pairing so now we not only have limits on spending but lifetime companions because those fed with a silver spoon can only see the warped perception of their land like looking into a nice, curved, silver spoon So, if we are only meant to live within the confines of our means, then what does it mean to have meaning? Surely if we have meaning our perception of means is greater and only exceeds our own meaning as we grow and flourish under our own meanings
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