Lettering is Important
The lettering and typesetting of a comic is just as vital to the reader as the script and artwork. It is very easy to mess up and leave your page an incomprehensible, illegible mess. Plus, with enough experimenting, you can arrange your dialogue in creative ways to enhance the reading experience. 

For example, here's this panel I had a lot of trouble with in the upcominc Chapter 5. I needed to find a way to make all the dialogue properly legible without masking the arches in the foreground. The solution I eventually came up with, as you can see above, was masking the balloons in such a way that it layers them behind the pillars and arches. I know it sounds simple, and it really is, but doing that digitally is a little more tedious and irritating than you'd think if you've never used Illustrator.

So I hope you don't mind this little self-indulgent diatribe. Maybe I helped inspire someone else out there get out of their head-bashingly irritating lettering dillema. I hope so. If not, this whole essay would seem incredibly arrogant.