Leutian Kane's Ark Patreon
I started modding ark and hosting ark servers because i love modding and ark is a game i happen to love, I've been a member of one modding community or another for the last 20 years practicly i started in 2002 on a Game called Baldur's Gate for PC and have gradually went from game to game from there, at one point i hosted 5 neverwinter nights servers that used my own version of the Popular persistent world Nordock. I've modded Fallout games ie Fallout 3, as well as Command and Conquer and many others. Even tho this particular editor is difficult to learn with your help and that of many others i'll eventually have it mastered. Feel free to support my work OR if you happen play on my server the donations may help offset server hosting costs.

Here is a Link to my Mod collection on steam for Ark


And to my server's Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Leutiankanes

And if you dont feel like a monthly committment feel free to use my paypal,