Level 1 Bayonetta Sketch
May's level 1 waifu was voted as Bayonetta in the public polls - so I'm getting her going :D She's got a pretty complicated design, lots of little parts and details - and so many guns xD

I wanted to use her Smashbros look but paired with a little bit of the spice from Bayonetta 1 and of course I couldn't help but put my own spin on her outfit too :)

Can't wait to finish her!

The nude version of her will be available to all my $10 and up patrons in the first week of June!  ^_^


*If you missed this pledge checkpoint:

https://www.patreon.com/posts/batch-1-june-5469331 Please raise your pledge to the $20 tier and request this waifu to be delivered  when Patreon processes your payment!

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🔸Hi-Res Level 3 (No Top, No Bottom JPEG)

🔸Hi-Res Lossless PSD File

🔷$20+ Patrons will get :

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🔸Bayonetta process Screenshots