Well THAT didn't take long at all. With your support we're now able to cover our most basic costs of paying for our soundcloud account and website hosting. Now that you've helped us dig ourselves out of that particular hole we can move on to more exciting milestones! Our Terrible Warriors are among the most dedicated group of gamers I've ever worked with. They take time out of weekends, time out of work schedules, travel from other cities, spending money on gas and food and gaming supplies all out of a love of making this show. With your continued support we're going to be able to pay for their travel costs and put food on the table to fend of the hangry feelings that typically creep in during our fourth consecutive hour of recording. We've already seen some people sign up to be named NPCs in a future campaign and we'll be reaching out to you later in the month to get your details. For our Terrible Secrets perk, we're already in the works of scanning some of our Mutant City Blues material (first episode on Thursday!) and editing the secret fifth Debrief episode (did ya miss our debriefs?). A reminder that access to the entire campaign as one file won't be released until after the final episode of the campaign is released to the public (check out TerribleWarriors.com for our complete schedule of release dates for games recorded). We're gonna keep coming up with fun rewards for you and we all can't wait to see where you take us next.