levels of access-recognition laboratory

Nr. pages, written in diary;

1. - awareness of the physical body;
2. - solving a manifestation of duality in and through the physical body;
3. - success in ' materializing' ;
4. - Stability in daily activities-patient understood the physical body;
5. - Harmonisation physical, molecular levels, the cure of a disease;
6.- recognition, remembrance of a decision;
7. - the physical body as a system exits reaction against a situation and come in phase controlled and conscious of the dynamics of the activity;
8. - astral body awareness;
9. - polarization energy body, etheric-synchronization effect is improving and endocrine functions;
10. - overall energy gain with long-term effect;
11. - stability control access to energy, or in other words awareness of energy activities in the past that was momentary duration now is better;
12. - solving psychological problems;
13. - enabled intuitive quality, resilience neopunerea any changes daily, building trust;
14. - awareness activities in the astral plane (dream), access to a better strategy in aid of current scenarios materialize;
15. - awareness of the mental body;
16. - do not have moments of indecision, you'll always know what to do;
17. - beyond what you do in harmony with the universe, solving a problem of selfishness;
18. - minimizing problems transcend the polarization direction of a scenario from negative to positive mental dynamics;
19. - understanding "palpable" mental concepts currently used, mental release;
20. - using abstract concepts represented and reported to causality;
21. - universal access to activities, information, mediumship conscious mental communication, access to the mentally and concomitant sensory (vision continues), solving the problem of consciousness (you know who you are);
-causal body;
22. - awareness of the causal body;
23. - understanding the cause that generated created another cause, the opportunity to realize that all cases have a single cause whatever spiritual nature of the problem or plan manifestation of matter;
24. - creating a cause you can do that by raising awareness, handling concepts and reported in the quality, change changing scenario matrix generating absolute nature of the case, and the continuity of effects in all scenarios so they transposed in another scenario the problem is in other subjective statements or other fields;
25. - access to timely transposition of causes, causal malleability, it works in your favor no matter what you do as long as you do not use the force things to ask for more than you would needed.
26 - The harmonization issue is continuous awareness that there is a single cause and that everything depends on your decision in areas of increasingly large-social dynamic;
27. - The ability to understand that everything is a matrix of communication by being or not to be and see them in subsystems of a system or universal levels of expression, creative communication, reflection generators;
28. - awareness of living in the present moment as the moment but there's infinite causal concept resolve and release it by being freer, respectively Possibility to see and live the fact that all cases are alike, no hierarchy there in the causal plane (each cause scenrii pursue other causes), and there is seen because if and or causal relationship (reported on what is now) ~ not concepts like or where (being not necessary because cunuoastrea, awareness is received by revelation continues);
Three spiritual body;
29. - awareness of the 3rd spiritual body;
30. - The ability to control the dematerialisation;
31. - awareness of the need occurs automatically;
32. - solving problems unconscious, access to spiritual patience;
33. - universal harmony continue repaired vacuum desires ... (soul), recognizing God's will;
34. - your will is the will of God, the sample is passed patience ... (auto);
35. - compact ... subsystems, you recognize yourself in all that surrounds you;
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~
Two spiritual body;
36. - awareness of the second body spiritual manifestations recognized social accountability ...;
37. - if you want... active involvement in social dynamics only through your decision;
38. - social needs manifested usable dynamic society;
39 - The truth comes to light social, optimization divine aid;
40. - release from the concept of patience, do not have this care;
41. - AutoCorrect continuity, patience initiating social, spatial and temporary release from living, unbounded love;
42. - dynamic general systems used effectively, transcending physical vibration to a place ... now spiritualization;
One spiritual body;
43 - the first spiritual body awareness, god,
44. - transcending light without limitation in the event ... subtle;
45. - spiritual harmony, omnipresent, omnipotent ... zero handicap;
46 - The concept release decision;
47. - nothing is everything, nothing there, happiness is real, true ...;
48.- consciousness translated, transmitted to other beings consciously controlled ...;
49 - freedom, liberation aware, non-necessary experience, unlimited in manifestation zero effort, patience sample returns, reflecting release of all concepts, has movement, meaning, continuity necessary, life is life, the path is about light you .. .

*** Note: the journal not only reported but that levels of consciousness.