Comic pages resume in August!  Denver Comic Con this year was fantastic  (our best show of ALL TIME in fact!) and Cory and I are so thankful to  everyone that came out and bought our books.  Your support makes it possible for us to keep making the content you enjoy.  Thank you for being the amazing readers you are.  You mean the world to us.

As fun as the show was, it was also absolutely exhausting, and Cory and I are taking our first vacation in…gosh, I don’t think we’ve taken time off in the past five years??  We’re probably overdue, and a little rest will do us both good.

During the break on the main LeyLines website I’m posting the lovely entries I was sent for the LeyLines fan-creation contest  on our usual update days (Monday and Wednesday).  At the end we’ll have  a vote for you to pick your favorite!  So please enjoy these excellent  creations and show their makers some love by visiting their websites.   

On Patreon for this month I'll still be posting weekly vlogs and I'll share a little of my in-progress work.  In typical Robin fashion, I only have actual relaxation scheduled for at most a week during this month.  The rest of it will be spent rebuilding lost buffer and writing new material.  Should I finish the rough drafts for chapter 14 during July, I'll be posting that for Creator Corner patrons as well!