LGBT`+ Project “To love is (not) forbidden“

“Homosexuality is an illness!“

“That is an irregularity!“

“Gays and lesbians are the parasytes which need to be stomped on!“

“That is the shame of the country!“

“There have never been anything like this in the past!“

“This is a 21st centuries problem that needs to be solved!“ – says the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, the citizens of independent country, who are trying to say their opinion out loud in the social media.

And we all clearly see the results. People, who are being led by the herd‘s exclamation, decide to climb over the bridge‘s, which extend along the highway, borders. By taking a hanful of sleeping pills and suppressing drugs they leave the goodbye letters behind, in which they express their disappointment and the supressed will to live by the community. These young, full of ideas, goals, dreams and ambitions people, who would have given so much to this world, in the end choose to cut open their veins.“To love is (not) forbidden“ - it is a photographic and written piece of fiction about the love of two girls before the war. About parents who disown their daughter only because of her differences. About societies view of different oriented people. About an illness, which on how to cure electricity is still used. About that it was a reason to be killed. Society talks, about that this is only a problem to the twenty first century, although I would like to apologize, that in nature homosexuality was always there, though people remained silent on this topic. They were scared of the reaction of others, scared of that will be dealt with. Pitiful that it is still a not talked about topic even in our times. That it is still comparable to a disease.