LGBTQI - One Minute History
Social attitudes toward sexual diversity have varied over time; 

long before the first advocates for gender and sexual equality. 

The Riot at the Stonewall Inn inspires America’s first gay pride parade. 

The Upstairs Lounge fire devastates New Orleans.

 “Homosexuality is no longer a mental illness.”    

 “Save Our Children,” sets the movement back, and one of the first openly gay officials in America is assassinated. 

The Rainbow Flag is created, and the Democratic Party adds gay rights to their platform.   “Yep, I’m gay.”    

Vermont approves civil unions, and Massachusetts legalizes gay marriage. 

Prop 8 passes, starting the NOH8 campaign. 

Iceland elects the first openly gay head of state. 

And “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is repealed. 

The US becomes the 17th country to legalize same-sex marriage and  ‘Toilet wars’ opens the bathroom door for all americans.

The Tragedy at Pulse Nightclub shocks the world but through all adversity the LGBTQI community stands together. 

Read by Dakota Greene


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