LIA Cast 103 - Plotting Your Comic, with Kasey Van Hise
Talking about charting your comic's course on the Lean Into Art Cast! In episode 97 ( we talked with Kasey Van Hise ( about managing the grind of making a webcomic. This time we're digging in deeper to explore how one plots out the direction their webcomic's story will take.  * Do you write on the fly? * Do you plan ahead? * How do we identify when we're procrastinating through planning? * How do we know when we're diving in without enough preparation? * What tools and techniques work best for capturing and organizing your writing? Links mentioned: * Matt Madden - * Paracite Knights - * Attack on Titan - * The Warren Commission Report: A Graphic Investigation of the Kennedy Assassination - * Writing Down the Bones - * Screenwriting 101, by Flim Crit Hulk - * Art Geek Zoo - * iThoughts HD - * Scrivener - * Evernote -
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