LIA Cast 132 - Writing Visually, with Zack Giallongo
Talking about writing with images on the LIA Cast!

Visual writing shares many of the concerns of prose writing. We want our characters to register. We hope the dialogue rings true. We work hard to create interesting plots that act upon and respond to the inner lives of our characters.

But when one decides to be a visual writer they're introduced to another array of storytelling tools, and these tools challenge us to use them intentionally. A visual writer must think about composition, visual pacing, character “acting”, and staging.

How does an artist navigate all of those choices? What methods of idea capture and refinement seem to work for a visual storyteller?

Join us for a discussion on writing visually with Zack Giallongo (http://zackgiallongo.com), author of Broxo, Ewoks: Shadows of Endor, Star Wars Doodles (http://goo.gl/VMuSdL), and artist of The Stratford Zoo Midnight Revue series. Together we'll explore how we sort through all of the storytelling choices facing a visual writer.

Links mentioned:

Zack on Twitter - http://twitter.com/zackules

Zack on Tumblr - http://zackules.tumblr.com

Zack on Instagram - http://instagram.com/zackules

Zack's Grune Post - http://zackules.tumblr.com/post/123089510060/some-grune-artwork-i-needed-to-do

Boulder and Fleet: Adventurers for Hire - http://boulderandfleet.com

The #boulderandfleet tag on Instagram - https://instagram.com/explore/tags/boulderandfleet/

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