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Lia Rose - The Last Mountain (Piano Version) ~ Patreon Creation #5 of you may remember that I released a guitar-driven song called 'The Last Mountain' a few years ago on a split EP with my dear friend Kelly McFarling. Well ... when I originally wrote this song, it was actually on piano! And I had started recording that piano version with an amazing sound engineer named Brad Dollar up in the North Bay a few years ago. Now, we never got a chance to finish it ... until very recently. I am very happy to present to you this alternate version -- yours are the first ears to hear it! It is still top secret as we're having talks about using it in a film soon (yay!) ... so it will remain password protected for now :) Password: patronstyle THANK YOU for your support!!!!! xox Lia PS ... not sure if you heard the exciting news yet but it looks like I'm going to be able to go to England next month to audition for Britain's Got Talent!!!!!
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