Liam (Matadork)
Originally an IT Technical Support Officer at Pangent Technologies London. Liam is a friend to Alexander Schreyer (X/Galahad) and they are a mutually bad influence on each other. Alex has him in charge of monitoring and security systems, and later overseeing Leslie's work on 555. In practice, that has often meant physically threatening Lottie and Leslie, like a security guard or gangster.

Liam worked with Lottie on her failed Project Four, a study of the human mind which fell apart due to politics and infighting on the part of all concerned. Or perhaps it was the weeks of sleep deprivation done as part of the research, and alcohol and drug abuse which either was or wasn't, depending on who you ask. Everyone who worked on Project Four was a dangerous mess. Most of them got fired. Liam and Lottie didn't, because they could still be useful to Alexander Schreyer.