Liars (and their children); John 8:44
In nature, are they liars or is deceit simply (unavoidably) linked with taking thought? The religious say they are children's greatest protectors (they claim what is for almost everyone endogenous in nature), but they abuse those children. In book 2 I theorize that it may be in effort to coddle/assuage any feeling of threat to the powers, that both mother & child survive. Would a mother bear not circumcise its young if it would appease an angry male, wishing her back in ovulation? This is circumcision's ethology & etiology. 

But this exists now because of the religious faith mandate that one enjoined act as daft as the next. Every new pyramid scheme favors such a closed feedback loop. Judaism did not refute Abraham, Christianity did not refute Abraham (worst of all, Christianity, as Jesus was clear on this point), and Islam did not refute Abraham. It is only left to conclude that Monotheism is the hack job that I say it is.