"Liberation Youth" Call-Out!

Muchacha Fanzine Issue #14
Deadline: August 1, 2019

“Within white supremacist capitalist patriarchal cultures of domination, children do not have rights.” – bell hooks

Whether it's through gun violence, mass incarceration, or climate change, youth of color are disproportionately affected by systems of oppression. Rather than contributing to the harm and exploitation of our youth, we need to be accomplices in youth liberation. This starts with passing the mic! 

In an effort to uplift the voices of youth of color, Muchacha Fanzine is SO EXCITED to announce our youth-themed issue “LIBERATION YOUTH.” For this 14th issue, youth of color are invited to share short stories, visual art, photography, comics, thoughts, poetry, rants, essays, and doodles all related to a social justice issue(s) that matters to them! Girls, womxn, queer, trans, and nonbinary youth of color are especially encouraged to submit their work. 

Please limit written submissions to 2500 words & attach .jpg art images. Including a short bio/contact info is encouraged but optional. All of the contributors will receive free zines including domestic/international shipping! 

If Muchacha Fanzine reaches it's patreon goal, all contributors will be paid for their work. Subscribe and support our YOUTH to make it happen - thank you SO MUCH to all the Patrons as your monthly pledge will help towards this goal!! 

(topic ideas include but are not limited to: police/ICE/border patrol violence, climate change, school-to-prison pipeline, immigrant/refugee rights, migration, LGBTQ liberation, racism, feminism, reproductive justice, disability rights, age discrimination, gun violence, student rights, education system, juvenile justice system, youth mass incarceration, dating violence, family violence, child abuse, foster system, cps, anticapitalism, worker’s rights, poverty, homelessness, gentrification, student debt, mental health, intergenerational trauma, sexual assault, suicide, fatphobia, substance abuse, bullying, eating disorders, animal rights, religious discrimination, spirituality, generation gap/divide, social isolation, technology, resistance, activism, & healing.)

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