Liberty and justice for all
Episode 908   As I have been studying justice and liberty as described from the aspect of  Intersectionalism, I find that there is a misunderstanding of what justice and liberty is and how it is applied to society at large.   Identity ideology is at the root of  Intersectionalism and reverse oppression is the major mechanism they use to correct perceived injustices. 

 Adam Smith’s defines natural liberty: “Every man, as long as he does not violate the laws of justice, is left perfectly free to pursue his own interest his own way, and to bring both his industry and capital into competition with those of any other man.”  The Wealth of Nations (1776)   “Justice strives to create viable opportunities for all persons to succeed economically, vocationally and socially. Real justice seeks to create opportunities for the disadvantaged.” Barry Howard What Our Founders Meant by 'Liberty and Justice for All'     Seek to create opportunities, not force solutions on folks when none were asked for!!!

 Again Barry Howard states “The historical American concept of liberty is not that one is free to do as one pleases without accountability for the consequences of one's actions. Rather, our heritage of liberty means that we are not owned or enslaved by another person or power.”   Justice seeks liberty for all, but both are constrained by limits that are set in both ideologies!!!

What Our Founders Meant by 'Liberty and Justice for All'   By Barry Howard    7/9/2015

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