Liberty Never Sleeps 12/05/16 Show
The focus of today’s show is about the progressive narrative and the abandonment of critical thinking. Also some thoughts about the Oakland Fire, Trump, and Taiwan. 

*Cry the Racist Wolf

*Abandoned Intelligence 

*Taiwan Call 

*Oakland Fire

 *Italy and the EU 

Funny and controversial, host Thomas Purcell often skewers the liberal establishment and drives home the conservative political argument with nuclear fiery rhetoric. 

The best way to describe the show is a cross between Rush Limbaugh's Politics and Howard Stern's Humor. Some have described our show as a 'Donald Trump' radio/podcast show. 

100 percent of the money pledged to the show will go toward show costs such as advertising, server time, and broadcasting equipment. If we can get enough listeners we will expand the show to two hours and hire additional staff. 

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