Libra Full Moon Meditation
There’s a Full Moon April 10. 11:08 Pacific (that’d be April 11 on the east coast). For you $20+ Patrons, I’ve said I’ll send out a guided visualization or meditation with each full moon -- although this month is available to all. These will usually be accompanied by some reflective questions. I find that Full Moons are a good time to just light a candle, breathe, and feel into the preceding two weeks. To remember. To review.  Maybe flip through your journal or your calendar and re-collect what’s gone on. Take your last action steps before the moon once again begins to wane and enter another cycle of release (the two weeks after the Full Moon, which lead to the next New Moon, are releasing times. My oh my how quick it all flies.)

There’s a whole bunch of astrologese I could rattle off here. So much going on in the skies currently. But I’m not going to. Instead, just a check in. The Full Moon is the time when the seed we planted just two short weeks ago comes to full power. It’s a time to reflect on what we’ve sewn, how it’s grown, and where we are now. 

So...did you plant a seed at the New Moon March 27?

How’s it going?

Did you retrieve your warrior weapon? Maybe now is a good time to consecrate it, bring it into your waking reality. Not just because it's a Full Moon, but because tensions are rising. Because the world needs you now. It's time. 

And what of matters of the heart? Of relationship? 

Are you clearing up misunderstandings (move slowly, if so. Take your time and be compassionate with yourself and them)?

Are you finding balance? 

Which relationships need to expand? Which ones need to end? Where does there need to be compromise?

For your meditation this week, I’m going to be recording my take on a Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation. It’s based most closely on on I’ve found in Joanna Macy’s Coming Back to Life. Because the times we’re living in call for radical compassion. And because I’ve been doing this work daily for the past week and have found it to be quite powerful. 

Full Moon blessings to you.

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