Libra New Moon Ritual Guidance Part 2


Time for a little bonus. In addition to the regular ritual guidance PDF I create every month for $5+ folks*, I wanted to post this guided visualization I used for a class the other night, available as a bonus for everyone.

Here's my suggestion if you'd like to incorporate it into your New Moon Ritual (caveat: this visualization 100% needs to be done *before* the New Moon, by Friday night at the latest if possible. It is a waning moon visualization). This visualization is adapted from an exercise in Starhawk's Spiral Dance. 

The intention is to help your releasing process in order to make room for whatever intention you wanna set for the New Moon. To that end, it can be helpful to have some idea about what you wanna release and plant going into the visualization. But that's not 100% necessary. 

You will need: A stone or crystal you're comfortable burying in the ground (and leaving there)

A candle you can etch your intention into (or a symbol or acronym for it) - not too big, as you'll want to burn it in its entirety by the Full Moon.

Create sacred space, ground, center and cast a circle. If you're not familiar with how to do these things, you could start with finding a quiet place in your home or outdoors where you feel safe, lighting a candle and some incense or essential oils, taking 10-20 deep breaths and then visualizing yourself in a brilliant ball of golden light, extending above your head and below your feet. Ask for you highest, helping, healing allies to join you.

Play the visualization, keeping your stone nearby for use when called for.

At this point, depending on timing, you can either:

Close the circle by expressing gratitude to your helpers and allies, blowing out the candle, and then moving on with your day. Sometime before the New Moon (11:26am pacific time on Saturday 9/28), go outside and bury the stone, asking the earth to compost and transform what's inside, transmuting to prosperity, love, abundance, etc... It can be helpful to leave an offering, whether that's strands of hair or flowers or anything biodegradeable.


Go directly outside to bury your stone in the manner described above.

After the stone is buried, and just after the New Moon (anytime in the 24 hours or so after 11:26am on 9/28) come back in and etch your intention - the seed you want to plant - for the coming Lunar cycle. Light the candle and focus on the intention, how your life will look when it's come to fruition (the good and the bad). 

If it's not possible to leave the candle burning until it's done, you can put the candle out in any method other than by blowing it out (using something fireproof to dip the candle in the wax, depriving the flame of oxygen, etc.). You can then relight it throughout the first two weeks of the cycle, until the Full Moon on 10/13, energizing the intention throughout. 

As always, just let me know if you have any questions.

*if you are not a $5+ Patreon and would like access to the PDF, you can join to gain instant access. You will be charged at sign up, and then again at the first of the month, and can cancel your membership at any time. 

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