Libra Script Improvements Update - Paths Complete, Trading Cards Unleashed!
Hi everyone,

Great news this Monday! A lot of progress was made over the weekend, and we're thrilled to fill you in. Ready? Let's do it!

Here's the latest on the script improvements progress...


  • Second Pass: 100% Complete (A whopping +29% from last update!!!)  
  • First Pass: 100% Complete
  • Estimated lines to be checked by a professional: 800 


  • Second Pass: 100% Complete 
  • First Pass: 100% Complete     
  • Estimated lines to be checked by a professional: 1,600   

April 16th Summary: Now that both paths have received a second pass, we'll be entrusting the final touches to Meru of Love Lab, a localization company here in Tokyo. In addition to being Love Lab's owner, Meru is a freelance writer, professional translator, and of course... a VN/Eroge fanatic. Needless to say, we're VERY HAPPY to have her (back) on board! 

We look forward to keeping you posted each week on how this new phase of Libra's script improvements progresses!

Thank you again to our volunteers Emiri, NDarkstar, Iarumas, and Hexxellor for continuing to help us through this daunting task.


This is one moment we've all been very patient and waiting for! Approved and printed... Libra's first two trading cards: Shuma Kusanagi, and Shuma's Ring. Check out that cool reflective effect on Shuma. He's putting the whammy on you!

As we mentioned before, all of the cards in this series are inspired by the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. Those of you that know this game (or similar) will catch that inspiration quickly. So what do you think? More cards are lined up. We'll keep you posted on their production.

Enjoy your week! See you next Monday with more ^_^

-MiKandi Japan