Tier Benefits
Pledge $0.01 or more per Resource Pack Update
Patrons Only
Pledge $1 or more per Resource Pack Update
Thanks for your support! for $1 you will get:
  • Access to Patreon feed for the latest updates, WIP shots and news!
  • Access to patron choice exclusive polls!
  • Suggest monster archetypes in the Librarium suggestion box!
  • Early access before public release!
  • Your name in the special thanks section in Librarium's website, sample project & release videos!
Pledge $2 or more per Resource Pack Update
  • Includes Tier 1 rewards!
  • Receive the static frame full-resolution PSDs for the featured battlers and for convenience, resizes in three flavors(Small, Medium, Large)!
  • Receiving the PSDs to these files means you guys are free to edit, resize or modify the battlers for your own personal project needs, so long as there's no individual redistribution involved! You're also free to adapt the drawings to be used as avatars in forums, signatures, title screens,etc. 
  • TL;DR You can use the file for any graphic need, just keep it private please (╯✧▽✧)╯!
Pledge $3 or more per Resource Pack Update
  • Includes tier 1 and 2 rewards!
  • Receive the Librarium Sample Project  with finely tuned settings for featured Librarium Animated releases!
  • Receive the most up to date batch zip folders for Librarium static and non-static battlers!
  • Receive the Librarium Temple Tileset! An ever evolving tileset which you are free to use in your own commercial and & non-commercial projects!
Pledge $5 or more per Resource Pack Update
  • Includes Tier 1,2 and 3 rewards!
  • For Librarium Animated releases, receive the full resolution PSD for the featured battler!
  • Receive the high resolution individual frames for each motion! (5 frames per motion usually!)
  • Receive the high resolution Individual battler parts!
  • Receive the .Spine animation file!
  • Receive the Dragonbones animation file!
  • Receive a full resolution brand new face portrait .PSD for the featured Librarium animated monsters!
  • Receive the 4-direction map sprites for Librarium Animated releases during the update cycles!
  • Receive the 144px facesets and 32px Iconset faceset for the featured releases!
Dragon Emperor
$7 or more per Resource Pack Update
Dragon Emperor!

Map sprite galore!


  • Includes all rewards from previous tiers! 
  • Receive the 4-direction map sprites for the featured Librarium Extra releases during the update cycle! (Up to 6 map sprites per update cycle, a total of 12 map sprites in total with both update cycles!)
  • Receive the 4-direction map sprites to 4 select desgins for Librarium Megapack Line releases!
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