Library of Expressive Writing Prompts

I've shared quite a few expressive writing prompts and I've seen some major breakthroughs happen as a result of patrons working through the prompts.

Here's a quick reminder as to why it's so critical that you work with these prompts...

The art of self-inquiry is one of the most valuable skills you can use to question your internal oppression, especially as a highly sensitive introverted leader (HSIL for short).

Your internal oppression, the way you view yourself and others, has been influenced by many things, including your family, nationality, skin colour, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, to name a few.

Your internal programming has also been shaped by the systemic inequalities and patterns of oppression which are embedded in the political and economic system you were raised in. 

Each week, I deliver new writing prompts to help you use the art of self-inquiry to question your internal programming. I firmly believe that before you can embrace the diversity in others, you first need to embrace the diversity which lies within you.

Here are the past prompts all grouped into one convenient place.

Unpack Family-Based Biases

What are some of the unconscious biases passed on from one generation to the next that may stop you from becoming a better ancestor? The following prompts can help you release generational biases.

Identifying Toxic Traits (#1)   

Identifying Family's Shadow (#3) 

Breaking Through Fatherlessness (#4) 

Recovering from Religion (#13)  

The View of Suffering (#16)  

Mom's Patriarchal Bargain (#18) 

Patriotism (#24) 

Decolonize Your Ancestry (10 lessons) 

Unpack Boundary-Based Biases

What are some of the unconscious biases you may hold that may prevent you from creating ideas and innovations that you can pass on to the next generation? How can you release the biases so you can rethink what productivity means? What can get in the way of your ability to create space so you can design, produce, and create? 

These prompts can help you release the ill feelings you may have around creating boundaries around your space, time, energy, resources, and body.

Being Picky (#2) 

Sacred Sleep (#6) 

The Beauty of Discipline (#7) 

The Value of Speaking Wisely (#8)  

The Pleasure Principle (#11) 

Taking Up Space (#15)  

Battling Perfection (#17) 

The Sovereignty of Silence (#21)  

Personal Crisis Management (#23)  

Overcoming Trauma Fatigue (#28) 

Shedding the Art of Deflection (#31) 

Designing Loving Boundaries (#33) 

Redemption (#37) 

Reaction Fast: How to Change the Algorithm Bias in Your Newsfeed (10 lessons) 

Designing Your Personal Credo, Part 1 (#41) 

Designing Your Personal Credo, Part 2 (#42) 

Designing Your Personal Credo, Part 3 (#43) 

Trusting Yourself (#44) 

Unpack Privilege-Based Biases

What are the unconscious biases around the types of structures, opportunities, assets, and privileges that benefit you, but harms others? 

These writing prompts can help you release those biases so you use affinity-based advantages for good.

Conversations About Whiteness During the Holidays (#5)  

Deconstructing Your Privilege (#9) 

Deconstructing Your Marginalization (#10) 

Authentic Inter-racial Friendships (#12) 

Seeing Your Humanity (#14)

Battling Perfection (#17)   

Smashing the Dip Bio in Your About Page (#19) 

Dismantling Anti-Blackness Within (#20) 

Patriotism (#24)  

Your Inner White Supremacist, Part 1 (#25) 

Your Inner White Supremacist, Part 2 (#26) 

Your Inner White Supremacist, Part 3 (#27) 

The Intersection of Race, Class, and Money (#30)  

Shedding the Art of Deflection (#31)  

The Adultification of Black Children (#32) 

Fat Liberation / Body Terrorism (#35) 

Mascots / Costumes (#36) 

Tokénoir (#38) 

Aging in a Youth Obsessed Culture (#45) 

Black Women Leadership (#46) 

Unpack Sustainability-Based Biases

What are your unconscious biases around protecting the environment and honouring the wisdom of nature? The following writing prompts can help you release the desire to plunder and increase the need to protect.

Hazy, Lazy Summer (#22)  

The Wisdom of Trees (#29) 

Cool, Crisp Fall (#34) 

Meaningful Gift Giving (#39) 

Winter Is Here (#40) 

Blooming Spring (#47) 

Need tips on how to do expressive writing?

In this 30-minute video, I provide tips on the best way to work with the prompts. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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