Lichens - an enduring partnership
We often pass rocks covered in lichen without giving them a second thought. But if you take a moment to look closer, (like the zoomed in view in the photo up above) you'll find an incredible community with so many different colors and shapes. 

While in Yellowstone National Park this month, we saw a sign that said that more than 359 species of lichens had been identified in the park, and  measuring their growth was an important part of understanding Yellowstone's air quality. What do lichens have to do with air quality, and what exactly are these small plant-like creatures? 

Discover the answers in June's Creative Coauthor book, which you can read here (images below) or download and print yourself (scroll down and click on the attached pdf files).

As usual, the pdf files attached here are black and white, so you can color in the drawings any way you'd like. And I want to offer an apology that this month's book is so late! I overworked myself in April and May, and it's taking me a little longer to recover from that burnout than I'd expected. But we're getting back into the swing of things now.

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