Lie's Theme for the First Collection REVEALED
Dear patrons!!

After much thinking i've decided that my first collection will be related to my time in Thailand.

In case you don't know it, after three years talking and dreaming about it, Giz and I went to Thailand for a month, to discover, be inspired and create. And so we did.

The collection will be composed of things related to Thailand, and things that were inspired and thought while I was physically in Thailand.

So far, I can say the collection will be comprised of photos, drawings, text and possibly a video. Some of those pieces along with the creative process will only be shared with you.

It's exciting!

I'm excited!

Let's create!


PS: a BIG thank you to Giz for co-creating this visual even though she ended up picking another theme!!

PSS: I've attached the picture for you to download!