The Life and Death of Moosy
In 2007, my friend 5angel and I were working on a flash game called Moosy. It was a 2D platforming game, originally started by 5angel, and I took over the coding side of it so he could concentrate on the art assets.

He asked me to give him some ideas for worlds, and here's what I came up with.

I'm not sure why, but 5angel didn't like most of my ideas, especially The Giant's Dead Foot, which threw him off completely. I think he said something along the lines of "that's shit". Whatever was he on about?

Anyway! The final world map looked like this.

I cleaned up the code and added new features, such as:

* Functioning mirrors (ground reflections)

* Being able to eat a blue mushroom to be able to fly an office chair (the mushroom is atop the cave entrance right in the second area)

* Enemies and being able to stomp on them

* Keys and doors that can be opened with said keys

* Jumping onto moving platforms (wow!)

* Checkpoints

* Death triggers

Meanwhile, 5angel kept on designing, such as monsters and other stuff:

Then 5angel got burned out. He said, drawing each individual page was too much for him, so he came up with an idea to build the levels with tilesets (see Moosy_ms-alt.swf).

That was the deal breaker for me because I adored his style and loved that each background was an individual piece of art. But I think what really killed the project in the end was that ambitious world map, which put a lot of work on our horizon, and nobody likes to deal with A Lot Of Work™, when all you want to do is have fun.

Still, I learned a lot from this project. Working with an artist like 5angel was also pretty awesome. We tried to make a HQA platformer right after the release of HQS, but I was still kind of tired from making HQS and it never happened.

5angel went on to do pixel art style projects, he was a part of Bombermine (or GameOfBombs now), and I believe right now he's making more games.

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