Life Changes for Keeley

Today, I'm releasing Mortze's and my next game: Life Changes for Keeley.  

Although this is the continuation of a story told over many games, you really don't have to have played any of them to understand and enjoy this one. The story arc in the "Keeley-verse" isn't as integrated as it is in my other major storyline (the "Elsa-verse"). That said, there are a number of subtle and not-so-subtle references to those older games. (And, by "older," I mean it. Some of them have been out for almost a decade now.)

This is the story of what happens to Keeley after she catches her husband, James, cheating on her. You have the option to play as either her estranged husband or as a female artist named Claryce. It was my intent to put enough variety into the game that many different types of people would find something they like.

Unlike most of my previous games, this one is in Renpy, rather than HTML. I may convert it to HTML at some point so that people can play online, but for now, you need to download it, unzip it, and run the executable.

Here's the Windows and Linux version:

And here's the Mac version:

We hope you enjoy it.


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