Life & Death, Book 1: Saturn Rising

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - New Year's Day 2140

  "Where is he?"

  Dane sighed, too accustomed to his younger brother's constant state of, "aggravated teenager," for it to phase him. "He'll be here."

  "Well, no shit, he'll be here--he asked us to meet him," Fletcher grumbled. "Some Chief, asking us to escort new recruits. Why the hell did we have to meet him in Brazil of all places? It's too damn hot!"

  "Maybe you shouldn't have worn all black." Dane smirked as his sibling shot him an annoyed glance. Before the fifteen year old could form his thoughts into a witty retort, a blinding light appeared not ten yards before the brothers, effectively halting their conversation. The radiant flash dissipated as quickly as it had materialized, and from it had emerged six other Spirits--Demons from the Plutonian Tribe.

  Five of the six Demons were teenagers, like them; two of these teens were Fletcher's age, while the rest were between eighteen and twenty years old. Dane ignored the recruits and bore his eyes into the sixth and oldest arrival from their tribe. "Leo said he wanted us to meet him here." He then pulled a sealed orange envelope out of his backpack and flung it at the Runner.

  Horace caught the envelope, sneering at the Poet. Already in his mid-twenties, he was familiar with dealing with punks like the Ward brothers--and he always made a point to assert his authority. Dane grounded himself as their eyes met. Last thing I want is to fight this guy in front of the newbies.

  "Change of plans, kid. Leonardo has business elsewhere. He asked that you take these recruits to their new groups. You have the list?"

  Dane raised his hand to his head and used a pointing gesture to refer to his memory. Horace scoffed. "Yeah, okay. You can't remember everything, Poet."

  In the midst of their conversation, the five teenagers had crossed the distance between the Runner and their temporary Chief. Horace grew silent for a second too long, which prompted Dane to speak up. I need to know... "Hey--where did Leo have to be that was more important than this?"

  "Some small town in Cuba." Another blinding flash, and Horace was gone.

  "Cuba?" Dane and his brother shared a puzzled look before shrugging off their suspicions. "Alright, recruits--let's get you to your new homes. Remember, in order to be picked up by your new group, you'll have to befriend someone pretty high up the food chain. I emailed each of you a list of known members of your designated group, your group's allies, and your new name. It isn't uncommon for Spirits to reawaken on their own, so most of your new 'leaders' won't question it. Try to blend in, don't make waves, and don't get attached to anyone. This is a recon mission. Understood?"

  "Yes," they agreed. Dane frowned as he pointed at each one in turn. "Who are you?"

  "Vincent of the Jupiterial Court."

  "Scarlett of the Venusian Court."

  "Punish of the Neptunian Tribe."

  "Starr of the Uranian Tribe."

  "Carson of the Saturnian Court."

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