Life Drawing
 Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They're all so -extremely- talented!

Today was an exercise in parts (:   My little smiley is an excellent place to begin, as we started by putting up our finished eyes and mouths.

What I was struck by, and one of the things that I really appreciate about them, is that you can clearly match lips and eye to the same artist (although being directly with each other makes it easier).  Everyone has their own style.  Even though the parts were created completely independently without having the mouth for reference when making the eye.

Mr. Everett agrees.  He said they were all A/B worthy and we're progressing faster than he expected.

Here's mine.  It amused me to place the eye under the mouth, in part so it wouldn't look like a cyclops. Then today, we did hair.

I LOVED this!!

And this one's mine (:  Brought it home to keep working on it before class on Thursday, since I still need to work on the left side and he wants us to add the mouth as well.

I'm very much enjoying this class so far (:  And I'm learning a LOT!