Life Drawing Sketches! :D Looking for new homes. :)
(Pictured: 12x16 Charcoal Sketch of Dunny Potter from a model session in Seattle) Towards the end of the year I start going through the art that I created that for whatever reason, was never sent to a gallery. Thanks to our big move and house renovation this year, there are LOTS of pieces that I never got around to assigning to a gallery. And not just gallery-worthy paintings but also life drawing sketches. As I shared before, sketches are kinda personal to me. They hold in them bits of lost time, unedited thought, and raw emotion that studio works eventually have beaten out of them. For this reason, allowing them to leave the nest has, until now, been hard for me. Something that Patreon has helped me recognize is that by opening up, I can expand the benefit of my art. And while the financial support I get here is incredible and means the world, I want you to know that having my art be a part of your day means more to me than I can say. Having my art in your hands, on your computer screen, gracing your wall, that makes my heart skip a beat. To know that the moment I felt inspired and excited to explore has not fallen on an empty room or some black void where I alone am witness, but that you are there and eager to share it with me. <3 Powerful stuff. SO! For your viewing pleasure, Click the link below where some of my life drawing sketches are now available for online purchase or simply just online enjoyment. :) ***AND!!!*** For my Patrons, stay tuned! I have a special offer just for you, coming up! :D See the art here: P.S. To Virgil, Bob and Laurie, who have joined my team of Patrons this week. Thank you! :D So glad to have you on board!
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