Life, goals, and where'd they go?
I haven't been keeping to the schedule I gave myself. This is a common thing for many people falling behind goals and plans. Life gets in the way, maybe medical problems, time spent with loved ones or even work. Anything can happen anything can stop you from doing what you set out to do the past week, weekend or month. 

In my case, it was just a huge pitfall in my life something that even though I've been in worse cases still shook my world. I'm climbing out of that wreckage and hopefully into a much better place. and when I say hopefully I don't mean let me sit here on my ass doing nothing it will fix itself. I mean I've been out here working my ass off to make things better, of course, I've also been very lucky to have friends who decided I was worth the salt to help.

Thank you! by the way, to everyone that has helped in any way possible. Talking with me, helping me with things I could never ask anyone for, not even family. You guys became my family I'm so proud to live and work with people like you ( You know who you are) 

To the information security industry as a whole, I thank you for being my shining light at the end of the tunnel. For the people along the way that lit the darkest parts. helping me find my way I have the deepest sense of gratitude. 

So on to some real news! I will be making more videos and content that should be a no-brainer. I've decided on a proper path to follow with making content. It will not only help me out with being able to make new content on time, but it would be a better learning experience for newcomers.

Just know that I'm working hard to make new content for you guys and that I'm a one man shop so I can only do so much. 

Thank you to all my patrons!