Life has happened to me, as most, if not all of you, know. My daughter is nearing six months old - three months developmentally. Did I want this to ever be an excuse to not write? No. Did it become one? Unfortunately, yes.

However, November is here, and nearly at its end. I have been writing this month, and I believe I've - finally - got a schedule down where I can write a little each day.

This month, expect an influx of something I was doing on the side. Someone sent me a picture that had a challenge for facebook. It... was a challenge, too. If someone replied to my picture, I was supposed to tell them how I would introduce them in a novel. Fun, right?

Well, instead of just telling them, I gave examples. This made my reply list pretty long (25+ replies!). I was told, by my husband, that I might want to share them with you. I suppose the worst that it could be is an example of my sprinting. (Sometimes, my sprinting is pretty bad!) They are also very much unedited.

So this month, you'll see a ton of introductions to random NPCs, and potential PCs. (that's Non-player character, and player-character... basically, side characters, and main characters) Since I am a writer, each one of the intros will have another intro, as well: my thoughts on it.

The more you read, the more you get to know me. :)

After that, however, I promise the story, Aura of Life, will find its way back on to my feed. I'm eight chapters in. It's a slow going process, but I should be able to - hopefully - keep up with it.

Forgive me for not keeping up these last few months. I'm going to try to change that immediately. Thank you to all of you who are still sticking with me.

And to those new people, coming to see who I am, and how I write... WELCOME! I'd love for you to stay. :)