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Life in the Face of Life

A new story! Wherein I think about zombies.

The best thing about zombies, in terms of entertainment culture and creativity, is that they are scary in their own right but not nearly as scary as a world that has zombies in it.

It makes us question the truth about humanity and society, about where those lines are drawn and how close we are to becoming "other." Loss of humanity is a terrifying thing, whether it's about killing or hurting others, indulging the deep, sick desires within, or the literal loss as in death becoming undead. This is why the best thing about zombies ISN'T an actual zombie-- it's what we do to one another. 

The Walking Dead really put a lot of this into my mind, as I really love the comics (why do the compendiums have to be fucking $40?! They're huge but ouch my pocketbook) and watching the show was pretty good as well. The first 2 seasons I disliked, but skipping forward to season 5, I saw some great stuff in there (along with, in my mind, some skippable stuff too.) The show is a lot about soliloquy and togetherness, the comic is about atrocity in every aspect of life, banging on the doors of these poor survivors. I understand how it's tough to make a show with such vile content, but I feel something is lost in the translation. That's "movie magic" for you though. We're okay with reading depressing literature, but it would kill long-term viewership. I think TWD show does it right, but that doesn't mean I'm a fan.

And, you know, other shows and movies and media of this type. Have you actually watched the real Night of the Living Dead? It's brilliant, it completely challenges the norms of filmmaking at the time. It has a low rating on Netflix and I fear people miss the point. It started a revolution in horror film, it created the cliches that eventually led to its being passed off. A strong, intelligent black protagonist is just one of the things that make it astounding, if a dated piece. If it was taken word for word, scene for scene and re-shot, I think people would rave about it. For now, it's considered a fossil.

But I loved it.

I like fossils.

Happy 2 days 'til Halloweeeeeeen, you've not heard the last of me yet!

(One more scary tale to share before the month is over.)

"My my my, how the time does fly when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night!"