Life Is Beautiful
About 6 weeks back I started giving lessons to a new student and this was the song that originally got him thinking about playing.  It's a great song and Keb Mo has many more that are fantastic.  After being introduced to the song I couldn't get it out of my head and so I had to learn it.

When I was first starting to play I quickly became obsessed with the blues.  It has simplicity in structure but a lot of sophistication in the nuance.  The simplicity is probably why it was such a rich pool for other genres to evolve out of it.  While this is not a traditional blues arrangement the sentiment is.

Life is beautiful and somewhere the sun is shining bright. The blues doesn't have to be a downer. There can be hope in the song and as long as the contrast is in the lyrics we know there is a down from an up, a high from a low, a happiness from a despair.  

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