Life is interesting. [RE: vacation]
 So, for those who might not know, I've been in Grand Forks, ND visiting a friend of mine, and have been here for about a week. Sometime very recently a few landslides happened and this has extended my stay here for a currently-undetermined amount of time. My departure was originally at 1am, then about noon, then moved to 11am tomorrow, now their most optimistic estimate is 2pm tomorrow. Was told to make another call to their customer service around 10am tomorrow to get a better estimate, but for now things are a bit up in the air.

Just wanted to let people know that things are fine and I'm still here, just haven't made much since this is the first vacation I've been on in 9 years and wanted to enjoy it. I'm having a lot of fun here and it's nice to be back in ND for a while anyway. I do have my tablet with me so if I end up having to wait for the route to cycle (and may unfortunately need a refund and another ticket home to do so) I will still be able to work while I'm here during the day.

Sadly I don't have much to go by and am playing everything by ear. I had absolutely no way to see this coming since the incidences happened in Washington State and I am nowhere near there. Hope everyone in the area is alright, though.

Thanks for reading and I hope you understand.