Life is Sexy: January Exclusive Cosplay Set info
Hi guys!

I am releasing my Life is Sexy.. er, Strange... Chloe Price cosplay set on Patreon tonight for Diamond + Patrons! Wanna see!? GO DIAMOND! Cant? No worries! I am still gonna be posting tons of photos from this set so you will still get to see some awesome and sexy stuff (just not the SUPER awesome and sexy stuff bahahah :D )

I'm working on which of my clothed Chloe to do for this months mini print, and you will get 1 of 2-3 of them sent to you if you're at least Silver+

If you are Challenger + please check previous posts cause I have some information about gamer tags as well as google hangout scheduling :)

ANYWAY! I just picked through 2 other sets from my shoot earlier this week! One of them will be used for the normal lingerie shoot this month for Diamond+ babes as well <3 I HOPE YOU LIKE THEM I LOVE THEM I AM SO EXCITED. 

In other news! I will be at Anime Impulse in Los Angeles (well Pomona more specifically) this coming weekend as a cosplay guest, so if you're in the area please come say hi if you see me! I am for sure going to be wearing Chloe on Saturday and still deciding what to do for Sunday, but I will keep you guys posted <3


Photo by Blue Adept Photography