[Life] The Move, No Internet, STREAM~
Hey friends!

So, I was thinking of all my social channels and how I don't really have a blog/rant area.

I used to have tumblr but never kept up with it (tumblr is like facebook meets imgur... so I was always distracted). I used to run some wordpress blogs, but they were about niches and other specifics. But then it hit me, I can use these patreon posts as a way to let you all know whats going on with me. As well, this will help bring the patreon attention anyhow. 


As most of you know, I recently moved... which is why I haven't been streaming.. or even posting on twitter as much.  What you don't know.. is how my caffeine levels have sky rocketed and my "idle hands" have made me a devil of productivity (wtf does that even mean?)

Ever since we moved to a delightful little apartment 10 mins away, I've been going to the local Barnes and Gullible every day for about 4 - 5 hours at a time. You don't really appreciate the internet until you are completely deprived of it. And man.. I've been deprived of it! 

Now when I sit down at the local shop and hop on the "complimentary" shit internet... I use EVERY GOD DAMN SECOND to my advantage >:D 
My three - four hours now are very fulfilling versus 8 hours a day of not much progress. Not to say i'm lazy or slow, it's just hard to get things done when the internet feels timeless, along with your life. So when you are restricted to only so many hours a day... BAM, you start appreciating that time and use it, "probably" the way it was intended.

That all being said, I've pumped out hundreds of tasks in the last 3 days I've been really wanting to get done. Hopefully that all translates into a better future :D 

Oh yea, the apartment! So, I did a walkthrough on twitter where I showed off the apartment on mobile live stream. I was going to post the replay link here but it seems it expired. Maybe i'll make a vlog video of it sometime...

When we first got the apartment, the management forgot to do a walkthrough previous to us getting there... So we found a lot of unsettling problems. Problems that kind of keep you from sleeping at night. Such as, the front door, back door and screen door didn't have working locks. As well, my screen to the mater bedroom... fell out when I opened the window. I had to retrieve my window screen from the first floor bush. That... was awesome. 

They've fixed all the problems now and man... we are loving the apartment! We've had a roomie hangout night every night since we moved in!

So, that is where we are at currently. 
The internetz people (pretty sure they are secretly grumpy cats), are installing the new internet this Thursday (I'M SO HYPED!). That being said, I'm hoping I can get the stream back on schedule by this Friday for some Witcher 3!!

Welp, Thanks for reading.

Nilo = Out,


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