Life Studies 1 (NSFW)
Found a pretty rad site for some people practise! The smaller images (and bottom left) were all 5 minute studies and the bottom right took about 20 minutes because I was having fun detailing and got drawn into the image! She's one of the test designs for Nightshade (Ghost comic).

COMIC UPDATE: Still storyboarding, but the script for the first issue is done! Once I've done a rough version I'll release the sketchy (af) thumbnails in a zip file for $1+ patrons to peruse, just because I like documenting this sort of process, and feedback is always appreciated. Hit like if you're interested in seeing that sort of thing! The sketch below is for the first panel, the zip file would look kind of like that, and be largely refined before I'm happy with it!

Thanks for sticking with me on my favourite personal project ever! <3

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