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A Life That's Good/Joy Parade - Lennon and Maisy (Mashup by Bailey Pelkman & Malinda Kathleen Reese)
I'm super excited to share this collab with you guys!!! Malinda and I had chatted super briefly on social media about a year ago and then reconnected through the Peter Hollen's contest in December. She's from Washington, DC but came to Toronto a few weeks ago - so we had to get together to create something awesome! She is the sweetest person ever and it was so much fun working with her :D

If you haven't seen her stuff, seriously go check her out. She is also on Patreon, so if you feel so inclined to support some great talent please do :) She's well-known for doing her "Google Translate Sings" videos and I'm so honoured that I got to be a part of one on her channel because they're hilarious and awesome XD Here's the link the GTS video on her channel:

Thanks so much for watching and for all of your endless support!! You allow me to pursue my dream for a living and that is just TOO AMAZING for words! <3

-Bailey xox