So, I just got back from a super cool comic event in São Paulo. These things always get me pretty inspired, and I am (right now) working on a new zine! I’m putting the webcomic planning on hold for the moment as I get this done, but I’ll probably get back to it right after, unless other things come up or I end up with a new new project, haha. 

I’m also trying to figure out whether or not I want to release this new zine in both Portuguese and English as usual, or just stick to Portuguese. It’s a bit more text heavy than my previous ones and writing in a single language would make it easier for me to focus on the layout and such, without having to worry about making both versions fit in the same space, etc.

It’s a tough choice. On one hand, a lot more people see my work online in English. But on the other hand, I only ever manage to sell them locally, in portuguese, because most of my online followers don’t really want to spend money on these things. Haha. I’ll think about it and decide what to do.

PS: I got some ugly airport doodles that I could post if anyone is really interested in seeing them. Should I? Haha