I've mentioned on Twitter, briefly, about what's been going on with me throughout September. I started taking new meds to help with my chronic lifelong fatigue.. and they worked!! ... for about a week. Then the side effects kicked in - namely, anxiety. I kind of deal with anxiety as it is, but only trauma related, so if things trigger me to past events, I'll have panic attacks or be anxious for hours, but I don't just feel anxious for no reason. 

With these new meds, though, anxiety was my new norm. It was *awful.* I have learned a lot and understand so much better about my friends who live with generalized anxiety disorders. It's absolutely miserable, not to mention draining - being tense and alert all day is exhausting. 

It was so hard to get my life done - just go to work, see loved ones, self care. I barely had any excess brainspace to work on anything else. 

On top of this situation.... I got THREE amazing writing opportunities with pretty strict deadlines. One of them is what I call my DREAM JOB because it truly is. Paid writing jobs!! *screaming* Anyway... so any energy I did have to work on anything went to fulfilling those deadlines and doing my best for those opportunities. All my own projects have kind of been kicked to the curb this month. I'm sorry. :( 

Things are starting to even out. The anxiety has gotten a lot better, especially after I started taking my pills only every other day, or every 2 days, in order to ease into it better. I'm hoping I will get back into the swing of things soon, and you'll start seeing a lot more posts on here.

Thank you all for your patience and sweet messages and support. I felt like I was annoying everyone posting on twitter every single day about how miserable these meds were making me, but everyone was so understanding and supportive. <3 <3 <3 You're all just the absolute best.

Thank you!!

- Gaven / Jaylee James