Life update 2/Sept/16
HELLO!!!! I have a couple of very important things to say regarding this Patreon...

Unfortunately, as is pretty obvious, I didn't manage to post ANY new content this month! :C I didn't manage to finish Zarya in time... I'm so so sorry for that, I really am... My mental health is a lot worse than I anticipated, and the "2-6 cards a month" was what I assumed I'd be getting done based on my good patches, and that setting myself a bare minimum for work I should put out would help motivate me. Sadly, despite my best efforts, wrangling my mental health constantly is way tiring. I manage just fine, but I use up all my energy prepping myself for work!!! Doubly so, because I put so much effort, planning, and detail into the tarot cards.

But, that leads onto my next point: I'll probably be using my Patreon to post updates on projects! That is, large-scale endeavours that will be posted in small incriments. This includes the Tarot cards, of course, but it also includes things like progress on my 2017 major work, prop creation (I want to make a fully moving Widow's Kiss), concept art for my to-be comic Ichorsprite, and lyricstucks - an old fandom term for what's essentially a fandom AMV in slideshow format, drawn panel by panel with a line of lyrics for each. They have the potential to be really dynamic, and I've wanted to do one since 2012. My problem was that I had all these different projects i was devoting time to, that could benefit from posting updates occasionally, but because I was only posting tarot cards here, there wasn't much content at all. For the three months my Patreon has been up so far, it was pretty fun getting used to it, and I thank everyone who's been a patron in this time!!

And, this comes to the problem of payment: This is probably the start of the switch to a monthly payment system instead of a per-work payment system. I'm going to keep the bulk of the reward tiers, ie. "full res, watermark-free artwork at the end of the month", and sketch rewards, and commission rewards, and I absolutely want to kepe the stream tier, but my internet is still very spotty, and I still can't guarantee a time where I'll be able to send a ton of live video data for about five hours. Rest assured, that as soon as I can stream, I will!!

These are all soon to be happening changes. I doubt I'll ever settle on one system for my Patreon, honestly, it'll keep changing as I find better ways of putting my art and work out there. Thank you so much for keeping up with me, I promise to do the best I can!!