Life Update - February 2018
Since my body of work is so tied to my personal experiences, I figure it makes sense to give an overview of things every now and then, as these days my life seems to happen more quickly than I can easily keep track of. But in order to give you the full context of where I am at the moment, we're going to have to back up a bit.

If you've been following me or my work during the past six months or so, then you may know that starting last fall I went up to Iowa to figure out what would become my first relationship. I spent most of the next 4 months there, when I wasn't at other events or home in Austin for the holidays.

However, as we found our rhythm and learned more about the way we want to shape our lives, we outgrew the living situation in Iowa. In January, we wound up traveling over 6,500 miles, driving to Ohio for Jonathan's grandfather's funeral and then directly on to Further Confusion in San Jose. That convention itself wound up being fairly significant to us, and on the way back, we both fell in love with Santa Fe as a place to build a home together. We'd been through before, as we often stay with our friends the Pooles when passing through on various convention roadtrips, but viewing the city with the new context of being ready to take our lives into our own hands was different. Many significant things clicked into place in ways that seem so strongly symbolic as to feel almost as though they were written.

For both of us, this will be the first time we're moving somewhere of our own choosing, rather than following family or school or otherwise. We both connected with this desire simultaneously and independently, not because one asked and the other agreed to follow.

And so, New Mexico became our destination, the symbolic doorway we are sprinting towards. We left Iowa two weeks later, and have both moved down to Austin into my family home until we can secure housing in Santa Fe in a few months.

In the mean time, Jonathan just left two days ago for a 5 week trip to Switzerland, to spend time helping his ex-partners get some emotional closure through their changing relationship. We'll be streaming on Twitch as much as possible during this time to keep moving forward with new work, and I'll be on the road for a week and a half of that time for my biggest convention of the year, Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. This will be the longest we've been apart since starting out relationship back in October, but we have a better understanding of our direction and more to be excited about in our lives than ever before.

After the ECCC trip is done in a couple of weeks, I'll finally be able to sit down and really crunch into my work for the first time in what feels like ages. I've got a hearty queue of client work, but I'm also ravenously hungry to get back into my personal projects as soon as I possibly can.

I'm currently drafting up some new Patreon posts which I'll schedule so that my ECCC trip doesn't mean too much of a break in content. Once I return, things should really get moving, and I can't wait to see what happens next.


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